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Bad News Junior

Bad News game logo with keywords: provoke, break down, destroy, frighten, disrupt, shout

In Bad News Junior, you make your own fake news. The headmaster makes you the boss of the school website, and you can make your own news! Fool your teacher and classmates and become a master at spreading fake news! Increase your popularity and gather as many followers as possible. But beware: if you tell too many lies, no one will believe you anymore and you will lose the game!

What is covered

The game focuses on the most common techniques used to spread disinformation. Each of the techniques is covered in a separate level and is fully adapted for children between 8 and 11 years old. By playing the game, they can earn three badges, each corresponding to a specific technique: disguise, emotion and manipulation. By making fake news themselves, they learn how disinformation works and is spread in real life.

How to use it

Players are shown a short text or picture to which they can respond in different ways by choosing one of the options the game shows them. The goal is to gather as many followers as possible while keeping your credibility score as high as possible.

The educatorsheet provides teachers and supervisors with background information on the game and has been developed to support classroom use. It explains the concept of disinformation and the aspects covered in the game.

Duration: 5-10 minutes 

What you need

Play the Bad News Junior game

Use the educatorsheet for more information about the game