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Exhibition “Fake news, art, fiction, lies”

Learning about disinformation and fact checking Learning about news and information Poster Manual Children (7-12 years) Youngsters (13-18 years)

The “Fake news: art, fiction, lie” exhibition is a complete pedagogical material that includes a multidisciplinary accompanying file, a digital version, a traveling version.

The digital version of the exhibition for schools offers 10 panels in the form of downloadable and printable A3 posters. The traveling version of the “Fake news: art, fiction, lie” exhibition intended primarily for libraries, with instructions for assembly, retains the spirit of the original exhibition while adapting to the new context of presentation and the new use. It consists of a kit of 9 interlocking A1 format panels.

  • Clear definition of what fake news is, the diversity of forms it takes, the risks.
  • How do artists lead us to think differently about the issue?
  • How can students take action in their daily lives?

What is covered :

The exhibition focuses on the making of fake news, their impact and the reasons for their success. The exhibition is accompanied by an educational file which extends the educational tracks on the subject.

How to use it :

The website provides an assembly plan for the exhibition. After downloading the panels, the teacher can display the panels in a space like the library.

What you need :

Go to the site and download the posters and the educational materials.