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Fake News: What’s in a Name?

Cover of the educational package with text "Fake News: Whats in a Name?"

Mediawijs has developed an educational package on “fake news” in collaboration with Stampmedia and Flemish News Media as part of the News in the Classroom project.

Youngsters learn about the different forms of fake news, how to recognise them and the role of filter bubbles and algorithms in their dissemination. The pack includes a checklist to recognise false and misleading news stories.

Using various methodologies and assignments, they learn to think critically about news, form their own opinions, create news stories themselves and assess whether news stories and pictures are real or not.

The assignments tie in with the following cross-curricular attainment targets:

  • Pupils handle media alertly.
  • Pupils participate thoughtfully in the public sphere through the media
  • Pupils can illustrate the role of the media and organisations in the functioning of our democratic system.

Download the educational package Fake News: What’s in a Name? (Dutch only)