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Lesson idea: Reliability

Picture of a clipboard with title "Reliability"

As part of the News in the Classroom project, a lesson idea was designed to answer questions about the reliability of information sources. Are some sources more reliable than others? Which news sources should you avoid when looking for objective information? Which sources do pupils think are reliable and which are not? And how exactly do you check what is reliable and what is not? Discover it all in these lesson ideas, tailored to primary and secondary school pupils.

Journalists and the organisations they work for find it very important to inform people properly and accurately. They use third-party information in their reporting. To check whether this information is correct, they compare different sources such as witnesses, reports, experts,… Yet many people doubt the news they read and hear. They wonder whether news is still reliable now that it is available so quickly and everywhere. Anyone can receive and send information. As a result, you don’t always know who the author is, facts and opinions are mixed up and a lot of information is one-sided. Find out more about the reliability of information sources in these lesson ideas for primary and secondary school pupils!

Download the lesson idea: Reliability for primary school pupils (Dutch only)

Download the lesson idea: Reliability for secondary school pupils (Dutch only)