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Mind over Media: analysing present-day propaganda

Mind over Media logo: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda

Today, through the internet, we are exposed to more messages than ever: advertisements, the 24-hour news cycle and entertainment media. In these messages, different forms of propaganda are often used. Some are more subtle than others, so we do not always realise when a particular message wants to mislead us. Therefore, it is important that youngsters learn to recognise propaganda. The Mind about Media educational package offers nine lesson ideas to teach pupils to think critically about propaganda and its goals.

What is covered

In the lesson ideas and on the Mind over Media website, you will learn what propaganda entails and how to recognise the different techniques it uses. Moreover, you will discover how propaganda is increasingly spread through social media and how it is used during elections. Learn to critically analyse propaganda by making it yourself!

When pupils actively explore and use the Mind over Media website, they will:

  • Recognise new forms of propaganda in everyday life
  • Practice skills such as interpretation and critical analysis
  • See how context helps determine how messages are understood
  • Think about possible interpretations of media messages, in a way that promotes understanding and respect for the point of view of others
  • Evolve from passive recipients to critically engaged participants in the global public debate

How to use it

The Mind about Media website provides an overview of different forms of contemporary propaganda. This allows pupils to explore the topic and become more aware of how much propaganda we see each day. Users can upload, research and discuss examples of propaganda with others, encouraging critical thinking on the subject.

The Mind about Media website can be used flexibly, for a single lesson or for a longer research project.

The Mind over Media teaching package consists of nine 50-minute lessons covering all aspects of propaganda. Besides theory, this package also contains exercises to use in your classes.

What you need

Surf to the Mind over Media website

Download the Mind over Media lesson pack