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EDMO database for tools on disinformation

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EDMO database for tools on disinformation

As part of EDMO Belux, Mediawijs and Média Animation, the knowledge centres for media literacy in Flanders and Wallonia, joined forces to create an overview of 30 good practices and tools on “working against disinformation”. They analysed existing material and made a selection of the best insights and tools.

After organising a survey in the education field and desk research, 81 different materials were collected. Taking into account several criteria such as materials that teachers, youth workers, librarians, … can use themselves (without external help) and that are available for free, the selection was reduced to approximately 40 materials. 

This sample was tested against a set of criteria by a feedback panel of experts, who selected the best tools. The following criteria were taken into account: how recognisable is the material for the target group? Is it easy to use (e.g. is there a clear manual)? Is it suitable for use in different settings? Is it timeless and thus not linked to a specific current event? The feedback panel for the Dutch materials was set up by Mediawijs. Média Animation organised the feedback panel for the selection of French and Luxembourgish materials.

The final selection consists of 30 tools on different topics (news, disinformation and learning to form opinions) for different age groups. This collection was posted on the EDMO Belux website (in cooperation with ATC, technical partner of EDMO Belux) and also fits within the Mediawijs news growth line. Several tools from this collection were translated into English and French. A number of tools were also updated as part of the project. 


Check out all the media literacy tools on the EDMO Belux website via the menu Media literacy – Educational tools.