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EDUbox: Us-versus-Them Thinking

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In society, groups of people sometimes clash fiercely over a difference of opinion. And then emotions can run high. Sometimes this remains peaceful, sometimes it becomes toxic. But when does such an opposition become dangerous? And what can you do about it? This EDUbox tells you all about it!

This EDUbox teaches pupils to debate, articulate differences of opinion and deal with us-versus-them thinking. This will make them more confident when difficult topics come up in their environment.

What is covered

The EDUbox first gives an introduction on us-versus-them thinking, followed by an individual exercise in which pupils map their own social identity by thinking about which groups they belong to.

This is followed by a theory section with videos and a role-playing game in which they learn to discuss polarising issues. Finally, we give extra inspiration for those who want to know more.

How to use it

You can use the EDUbox in two ways: online (as an individual learning track) or physically (as independent group work in the classroom). 

In class, you need one EDUbox per group of 3-5 pupils.

In both cases, pupils need a computer with internet connection.

Duration: 2 x 50 minutes

What you need

Download the EDUbox: Us-versus-Them Thinking