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Real picture – Fake info – Pedagogical folder

Learning about disinformation and fact checking Educational package Youngsters (13-18 years)

Through graphic extrapolation, decode photos on the Internet, track manipulation through observation and learn to search for sources. Through a multitude of photo examples, participants are invited to take a step back from the power of the image. This is a 3-step journey:

  • Comment on and interpret images and the message that each conveys.
  • Question the off-screen and the context of an image.
  • Cross-check the image based on fact-checking techniques.


What is covered : 

The file offers a corpus of images, captions and educational tracks to question the group in its relationship to the image. There are also external sources that offer methods and tools for verifying information.

How to use it :

Based on the image corpus, it is possible to select which are the most relevant for the public; to adapt and add to them. From the educational proposals, it is possible to adapt them according to the context of intervention (younger public, non-native langage public, etc.).

What you need :

You have to go to the website to reach the educational file.