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Fact Check: Do red light cameras penalise you for jumping yellow lights?

Fact Check: Do red light cameras penalise you for jumping yellow lights? - Featured image

Author(s): RTL Lëtzebuerg

Le premier radar feu rouge du pays est entré en service le 23 juillet 2021 / © Domingos Oliveira/ RTL Luxembourg

Many people have their own theories about how red light cameras work. But are any of the rumours actually true?

First off, it should be reiterated that currently, only one red light camera is operational in Luxembourg. This is the device installed at Place de l’Étoile. This speed camera will soon celebrate its first year of operation, as it was put into service on 23 July 2021.

However, the number of operational red light cameras will soon quadruple. In fact, three new devices have recently appeared in Hollerich. And while they are already catching drivers jumping red lights, no fines have been issued yet. Why? Because these three speed cameras are still in their test phase.

How does it work?

Contrary to what you might think, red light cameras do not only take pictures of vehicles that fail to observe a traffic light. They also check the speed of motorists.
In practice, these devices are always installed in such a way that they can take pictures of motorists from behind. This allows them to monitor red-light offences, but also to measure the speed of drivers.

RTL Un radar feu rouge installé à Hollerich en 2022 / © Domingos Oliveira/ RTL Luxembourg

At which point have you jumped a red light?

This is a frequently asked question, and it is justified. After all, you can sometimes be caught off guard when traffic lights turn red. And the good news is that the rule is very clear. “The red light camera detects violations of the red light signal from the moment the stop line is crossed by more than two metres from the front of a vehicle,” the Ministry of Mobility explains.

In other words, if you have not crossed the stop line by more than two metres, you will not be penalised. Of course, getting out of your vehicle to check the distance is not advisable.

Good to know: If a motorist crosses the stop line to make way for an emergency vehicle, “a photo of the vehicle is taken but no ticket is generated”.

And what about if the light is yellow?

“I was fined for crossing when the light was yellow” is a statement you will probably have heard from a friend or acquaintance. And you will be pleased to know that it is unfounded. Contacted by our colleagues from RTL 5 Minutes, the Ministry of Mobility confirmed on Thursday that red light cameras are not triggered when a vehicle crosses a yellow traffic light.

If you had any doubts when passing through Place de l’Etoile, you can rest assured. You will not receive a ticket in the coming weeks.

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