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News Diary

Image of "Mijn nieuwsdagboek" ("My news diary") work sheet

Can your pupils estimate how many times a day they come into contact with news? After all, news is all around us: we encounter it (unconsciously) every day: on the radio, TV, through social media and at school. Ask your students to keep a news journal to encourage them to reflect on their media use.

Many pupils report that they hardly or never even follow the news. But is that perception accurate? Do they really get so little exposure to news? News is more prevalent and accessible than many pupils would think at first glance. Therefore, have them keep a news diary for a week.   

How to use it

For a week, have your pupils keep track of where, when, why and how they take in news. It’s not just about the official and scheduled channels; also, when parents discuss a news topic, for example, that counts.

Afterwards, discuss the news diaries in class. Do the pupils follow more news than they initially thought, after all? And through which channels is it mostly? Are there major differences between pupils? What stands out? Are there trends? What messages are they picking up? What effect does this have on them?

What you need

Download the news diary (Dutch only)