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Event: EDMO BELUX Cross-Community Network Exchange in Luxembourg (25 November 2022)


Date: 25 November 2022
Time: 14:00-16:30 (arrival for coffee at 13:30)
Location: RTL City, 43 Bd Pierre Frieden, 1543 Luxembourg

We warmly invite you to a meet-and-greet among the community of researchers, fact checkers, analysts and media literacy professionals working on disinformation in academia, media, government, civil society in Luxembourg.

This afternoon session will take the form of two interactive sessions. You can speak your language of preference – we will all do our best to understand!

First: we will briefly introduce the EDMO BELUX project.

Second: we get to know each other through speed dating. Rehearse your two-minute introduction. Informal yet effective.

Who are you? For which organization do you work? How do you counter disinformation in Luxembourg? In which language do you tend to work? What motivates you to tackle disinformation?

Third: we map our cross-community wish lists through (small) group discussions based on the following set of questions:

Which type of disinformation do you typically encounter? Which resources to counter disinformation do you find most useful? What is our most pressing need in countering disinformation in Luxembourg?

Would you like to participate? We welcome anyone countering disinformation in their respective fields: research, media, government, civil society through monitoring, fact checking, analysis, media literacy in Luxembourg.

If you’d like to attend this in-person event, please click here to register. Registration will close on 20 November 2022. A few days before the event, you’ll receive an email with practical details (meeting room, where to park, etc).