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Event: EDMO BELUX Lunch Lecture: To the front line with OSINT (17 April 2023)

Date: 17 April 2023
Time: 13:00-14:00
Location: Online event

The second edition of the EDMO BELUX Lunch Lectures took place on 17 April at 13:00-14:00 CEST. This time, we had the chance to welcome as our guest speaker Brecht Castel, an independent journalist and an expert in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), working for Knack since 2017, and as a regular fact-checker as part of a collaboration with Meta since 2020. He shares tutorials of his OSINT work on Twitter and YouTube.

How can you do war journalism from behind your laptop? How can you debunk propaganda? And why does a journalist in Mali contact a guy in Belgium to check a viral video in his own country? Brecht’s presentation, titled ‘To the front line with OSINT’, answered all these questions (and more).

Missed it? You can now watch the recording here!

The EDMO BELUX Lunch Lectures are a series of informal gatherings on research topics such as disinformation, hate speech, polarisation, and digitalisation. During each Lunch Lecture, a guest speaker presents their work in a 30-minute talk, after which we open the floor for discussion. Lunch Lectures take place online and can be joined by everyone who is interested and who has registered beforehand.

The first Lunch Lecture, “Measuring and defining informational vulnerability: a proposal at the intersection of psychology, political science and media studies”, with Grégoire Lits took place on Monday 6 March, and you can find the recording here.

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